Shingo Nakamura Releases Chill-Meets-High-Tempo Record “Foggy Morning”

shingo nakamura foggy morning

Shingo Nakamura returns to Monstercat Silk today with his chill house single, “Foggy Morning.”

Shingo fuses soft impressions from his main analog synthesizer on the new record, giving listeners a dreamlike feeling inspired by walks in early, foggy mornings. Following his previous release “Come Closer,” he carries on his direction of piano-led melodies, while experimenting with atmospheric arpeggios for a high-tempo club effect that puts his globally-renowned skill sets on full display.

Shingo Nakamura shares, “I like the fantastic view in the morning when no one is around. This time, I tried to express that scenery with floating and hypnotic sounds.”

Over the last decade, Shingo balanced an office job in Japan during the day while producing and DJing at night. During this time, he composed chart-topping music (including multiple #1 spots on SiriusXM Chill and Beatport tracks that sailed to their top 10 charts), landed guest mix features on radio shows like ‘A State of Trance,’ and more. Through his success as one of Monstercat Silk’s leading artists, he was able to enter 2023 as a full-time musician, allowing him now to work on more records than ever before and travel the world. This year, he’ll play at Creamfield Japan, Tomorrowland, and will make his anticipated return to the US for the first time in 9 years this May, with more details to come soon.

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