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Hailing from Egypt and based in Vienna Darksidevinyl is an artist with formidable talent.

Darksidevinyl creates a fusion of contemporary Afro Sounds with progressive and captivating melodies. An artist with one foot in the current and one step forward taking a totally fresh direction. Producing since 1998 and spinning a long time before, Darksidevinyl has won over many of his local clubs and events in an international level, Pacha and Privilege in Ibiza as well as being part of the Ministry of Sound network. He excites music lovers and dancers with his special blend of Afro-Melodic to melodic techno sets. At the present, Darksidevinyl leads A&R at Leisure Music Producers, he’s the founder of Black Circle Podcast, and the Head of Production at Leisure Music Producers.

Darksidevinyl takes over the 201st edition of T.H.E – Podcasts with a stunning mix! Stream it here.


00:00 Darksidevinyl – ID
05:45 Darksidevinyl – ID
09:22 Darksidevinyl – ID
14:18 Darksidevinyl – ID
18:02 Darksidevinyl – ID
24:00 Darksidevinly – ID
28:21 Pink Floyd – Another Brick in the Wall (Darksidevinyl Remix)

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