Dustystaytrue shares wistful release, “Reflections” [Video]

Dustystaytrue has shared a new visual for his song “Reflections”, featuring Toosii. The 22 year-old artist hails from New Haven, Connecticut- a city where he grew up witnessing two different worlds: one full of affluence and opportunity, and another full of crime and general curses. Throughout his childhood, he was more accustomed to the latter. Carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders from a young age, he turned to music as a form of therapy, and began building a discography of cathartic, emotive joints that combined elements of hip-hop, R&B, and more. His latest offering is “Reflections”, a sentimental, introspective joint featuring Toosii that has been paired with a refreshing new visual directed by 12AM.

“Reflections” creates a wistful soundscape with its reverby, melancholic guitar lines and nostalgic vocal melodies. As a vocalist, Dustystaytrue’s rich delivery and penchant for heartfelt lyricism shines through atop the minimalistic yet emotionally dense backdrop. “Reflections” takes a look at the dichotomy of mourning the departed, while being embraced by new love. Throughout the visual, Dustystaytrue and Toosii exchange lyrics about survivor’s remorse in the studio, with impactful deliveries that make the song’s message hit harder.

“Reflections” provides an emotive, sharply-crafted listen and continues Dustystaytrue’s run of versatile hip-hop and R&B cuts. “Reflections” is the third track on Dustystaytrue’s most recent album, Talk More Soon, following the previously published scorchers “Iron Man” and “Sauce Me Down”.

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